Seldom have we seen love meets epic. Miracles happen when it meets so. The very idea of love pampers our senses. Out of all the other human emotions it is love that has let this world grow. It is because of love the humanity is seeing progress. Having said that, it is love from a women’s eye that has let the rest of the planet be what it is not. Yash Chopra offers you that kind of love and emotion through his last offering Jab Tak Hai Jaan that spells the magic of love. This is a genuine reaction for an epic that has been written by a man who spread love and only love throughout the terrific 52 years of career in Indian Cinema.
Samar Anand (Shahrukh Khan) is a bomb diffusing expert. He has a past that is revealed through his diary to Akira Ali (Anushka Sharma) who is a documentary filmmaker in Discovery Channel. Cut to London. Samar is a street musician, salesman and steward meets Meera (Katrina Kaif). Situations force Meera to get separated from Samar. She doesn’t see him for rest of her life. Akira then plays the bridge between them. Story unfolds.
The polarity between the characters is not so detailed in the screenplay. The amount of freshness is also too little. It is the approach that makes it more appealing and nourished. There is not much to talk about the story. As ever, Jab Tak Hai Jaan has the trademark shot of a heroine wearing a pure white salvar-kameez. But this time it is Ladakh, not Switzerland. You often end up predicting a Yash Chopra romance. What you cannot predict is the mood swings of the characters and the amazing fabric of the society in what those characters live and love. Jab Tak Hai Jaan is made straight from the heart that is why right from the first frame it holds you. Dialogues of the film save it from frequent loopholes. Rishi Kapoor says “Ishq ke saamne khuda bhi jhuk jaata hai, toh waqt kya cheez hai”. Aditya Chopra retains his magical touch and refines the film as he had done in Veer-Zaara. The scintillating frames of Anil Mehta woo you with its colours and vivaciousness. The previous film of Yash Chopra Veer-Zaara also had Anil Mehta as the DOP. The magic is also the same in the latest one. After Rockstar this film is another feather in Anil Mehta’s cap. Devika Bhagat & Aditya Chopra’s screenplay is not one of those things that you want to recall. A film that is almost three hours long needs to be taken care wisely during edit. Namrata Rao is the name of that girl who made the thief Lucky a run-away hero in Oye Lucky Lucky Oye! because of her fast paced cuts. She does that magic again in this flick too. She deserves more epics further so that Indian Cinema can see some of the beautifully edited films.
Shahrukh Khan is the king of romance. He spreads love with his trademark smile that seems so fresh even after that smile is 20 years old. He takes the film to a new height through his unmatched charisma and capacity to pull off a role that looks quite dicey on
papers. His recitation of the title poem marks the beginning of an enchanting era’s end. Anushka Sharma has very less to do. She is overwhelming is swim-suit and over-active in talky portions. Her character is not projected and portrayed neatly. Enter Meera. The diva enters, Katrina Kaif. The primary need of a Yash Chopra film is the ladies who can make everything turn around with her beauty. Katrina is awe inspiring in her portions. Probably after Raajneeti this would be her fully fledged role from start to finish. She sets the screen on fire in a dance number while she makes you feel angry during the interval. She is a real treat to watch. Rishi & Neetu Kapoor is as beautiful as always. There are 5 dialogues in the film for Rishi Kapoor. He still makes it a point that you carry a bit of his elegance while heading back to home. That is called the genius of an actor. Saarika plays an important role. Anupam Kher comes, but you don’t observe when he disappears.
The heart of Jab Tak Hai Jaan has three chambers. A R Rahman, Gulzar & Yash Chopra. You can’t resist but to sit at the edge of your seat while Challa plays. Challa marks a new beginning of Punjabi songs in Hindi Cinema. The words are not cliché, they have been written with much poise and dignity. Saans tops the chart with the diverse feelings of melancholy and love. Jiya Jiya Re is one of the magical tracks in the album. All the songs have the magical touch of Gulzar. Hats off to Gulzar Sahab for writing such beautiful lines. A R Rahman treats the whole film with his style and genius.
For all those who loved madness in Chandini & Silsila, immortality in Veer-Zaara and desperateness in Darr. Please watch Jab Tak Hai Jaan. This might be the last film of Indian Cinema that has so much love & romance. Jab Tak Hai Jaan marks the end of an era where a man came from Punjab, made films in Mumbai and conquered every heart with his honesty.


Shruthi & Murphy


The thought of being blessed is always good. Somewhere deep down the line, you may have felt that you are blessed. For many reasons you always want to be blessed, for a wrong cause or right also sometimes. Well, it is an immortal experience. You cannot explain to someone as in how you were blessed. It is a metaphysical process if you put it. It is a trance. Recently I was ‘blessed’ when I watched a movie called ‘Barfi!’ that blew me away and so the whole of India. Sometimes good works intimidate you. You will be left alone in a space where your hunger is unlimited, your craving for art is unlimited, and your craving towards life becomes unbelievable. That is why good works intimidate you generally. Barfi! leaves you in that exact vacuum where you are helpless, strikingly similar that of your mental state after reading poetry or watching a painting. Barfi! is indeed a poetry. It has a story that deserves to be told. It has an innate complexity of life that we often misunderstand or tend to ignore or even forget forcefully sometimes. A story of a boy who never listened the sound of this world will make you listen to the noise that your heart makes in life sometimes. He recites a poem that tackles the epic human emotions in fine way. He is Barfi, who is named after the braded radio of those days Murphy. Being named after a radio, he makes you come across some of the all of a sudden feeling as a sudden song in radio. There are two stanzas of this song. One is Shruthi Sen Gupta, Barfi’s first love. Another is Jhilmil Chaterjee, Barfi’s immortal finding.
Gulzar has once said that ‘Silence is the climax of sound’ in one of his beautifully crafted films called ‘Koshish’ that had two of the greatest actors of all time, Sanjeev Kumar & Jaya Badhuri. Barfi! becomes immortal when you find that silence is often being misunderstood as mouth shut. Silence can create trauma, it can create void in your heart, it can make you smile, love and many emotions erupt while silence. When is the last time you saw, read or experienced and then that has led to terrific anger towards your disgraceful life you are living? When is the last time you got the feeling of being blessed? The answer is not so easy because as I have said it cannot be explained. It expands your horizon still you cannot explain it. That is the strange a strange behavior of being blessed. For sure, you will feel that entire joy of being blessed after watching this.
Barfi! starts with Barfi, a young deaf and dumb boy who often spreads love and laughter in the city of Darjeeling in the early 70’s. I thought I would show some sort of sympathy towards this mute boy. But, I was wrong. He does not need sympathy. He does not want you to cry for his mute feature rather he wants you to make him happy by accepting the love that he offers every moment is his life. His lifestyle blew me away. For the first I realized the new definition of Lifestyle. Lifestyle is not what you show outside, it is what you feel for the outside world. Barfi never criticizes anyone, he never cries for his failure. In the beginning the narrator of the film says that Barfi always was happy and he found happiness in small things of life. She also says that Barfi was never unhappy though she damaged his routine at regular intervals of life.
It is so fascinating when someone tries to identify you on-screen. Barfi! becomes that point of self-identification of oneself. An autism victim Jhilmil Chaterjee is a granddaughter of a rich man from Darjeeling. Her father needs money and Jhilmil’s grandfather is keen on giving that. He dies after writing a will that announces all the property and wealth in the name of a trust ‘Muskaan’ that was found in the name of Jhilmil. On the other hand Barfi’s father is admitted in a hospital resulting in kidney failure and he needs 7,000 for the operation. The story takes a leap to create an emotional bonding between Barfi and Jhilmil, while this emotional bonding Barfi sends a ransom note of 7,000 to her father stating his daughter is with him. He somehow manages to pull in the ransom money. Barfi sends Jhilmil back home. In an extremely shocking manner Jhilmil meets Barfi again and they both move to Kolkata. Enter Shruthi Ghosh. Barfi’s first love who has been married to her own wrong choice. The drama is taken to other heights when Jhilmil disappears after seeing Barfi with Shruthi. The drama begins to unfold from then.
Anurag Basu says direction is all about understanding human emotions and depicting the same on-screen. That is what he has done exactly. He has put forth all those intricate human emotions together in this movie. There are ‘n’ number of cinematic summits where your breathing and heartbeat is doubled. Imagine a tender love story between a deaf and mute boy and a girl who cannot react properly. That is where the thin line of life and love stay. Shruthi says silence is also a language of love. We often mistake and misread the silence we come across our life. To read those beautiful moments we need to be more sensitive towards life. In today’s sensibilities love seems to be a catalytic emotion that includes sex, money, status, giving time and many more so-called ‘made for each other’ features. Everything in life comes at a price. Today, love too has a price. It comes at a cost of your compromises and ‘adjustments.’ But, in Barfi and Jhilmil’s case nothing costs for their fantastic and extraordinary love story. As Shruthi says, Jhilmil loved Barfi without knowing the future and lived happily ever after. She also says when she meets Barfi after a long time she confronted a person who was disappeared under the name of Mrs. Shruthi Sen Gupta. That is what true love is meant to do. It digs in deep and takes out the real YOU from the underneath. It can never ever support the wrong person. It sometimes slap you and kiss you either or both if it gets worst.
After a long time we got to see a drama that depicts complex human emotions and feelings. Here is a story that can reside in your heart for a long time. Do you remember Andaaz? As far as I know, Andaaz is the first tri-angular love story of Indian Cinema. It is still present and will forever. Love triangles ignite your emotions so slowly in an endearing way. A good love triangle will not have two love stories, it has many love stories underneath it. In cinema, a love triangle ends. As Mahesh Bhatt says ‘Cinema is not finished, it is abandoned’, to forcefully finish the film a love tri-angle ends. But, an intense filmmaker would tell that particular love triangle in such a way that you tend to weave the rest of the story. What would have happened if that wouldn’t happen and all kinds of imaginations. I continued the story of Barfi! for almost a week even after I saw it. The very idea of the chemistry between a deaf & mute boy and an autistic girl is so enriching. Sometimes in cinema, there is a necessity of making emotions verbal to convey it. In Barfi! there no chance of doing that even though the director wants as it is a story of such couple. The advantage of keeping it not verbal is that you are opening a territory of emotions where anyone can enter. Now, that makes this film interesting. In many films we have seen some feel good dialogues and emotions with a fine touch of language. Those films connect really well with audience, fair enough. But what is the reciprocation?. That remains the same most of the time as you have written. Barfi! breaks it, it gives you the freedom to feel it and enjoy it. It happens in few occasions.
We have one of the finest filmmakers in South India, his name is Gautham Vasudev Menon. He has directed a film called Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya (Will you cross the skies and come?) having Silambarasan and Thrisha in the lead. It is a love story that changed the definition of love story. It thrilled me like a suspense movie. I feel the cinematic tone of Barfi! and Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya somewhat similar as far as the very broader impact is concerned. It is a story of two young people who love each other and get separated. Very simple. But, the drama in the film is astonishing. For me it is also a love triangle. There is no third guy in the film. The heroine splits into two characters every now and then. That film starts with an immensely great line ‘Ulagathula evalavo ponnangalindo, naa ye Jessieye love panne’. That means ‘There were so many girls in this world. But, why did love only Jessie’. Probably no saint, no filmmaker, no writer or even no lover can answer this. For Jhilmil Chaterjee, there was a big home, loving father, crores of rupees and an extremely caring loving Daadu. It is secondary that she cannot feel all those materialistic things and she cannot even enjoy the status of being filthily rich. Though, she was safe there, she was getting food and attention time to time. But, leaving behind these essentials of life why did she go behind Barfi? What did she find in him? Is that love, emotion or a positive vibe? What is that she was fond of? No one can ever tell that. That is one of the heights of the complexities that human emotions have. Possessiveness and insecurity follows love. Shruthi the first love of Barfi somehow meets Barfi in a strange moment. Before I tell you the whole story, let me stop.
People accused of Anurag Basu that he has ripped scenes. Fair enough, with my highest regards to those cine goers I want to tell something. A scene can be copied, but the impact can not be copied. Even I am against copying. But when you see such an original and sensible impact on yourself, you will forget those small issues. I would have spoken against Barfi! if and only if the whole movie was copied. The whole movie is not copied. It doesn’t mean that I am supporting partial copying. I am only trying to say that even though you see some inspirations from Chaplin, it takes a great amount of creative energy to tell a story like Barfi!. I completely disagree with them who say that Barfi! is not a great film just because it is having shades of Chaplin. The best works in creative field have one or the other inspirations from the rest of the creative arena. Above all these things, Barfi! (in very small parts) is inspired from some work not impressed from. Getting inspired and impressed are two distinctively different things. After watching Barfi! I realised Anurag Basu is a poet who can recite on celluloid. He is in the space of Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Hrishikesh Mukherjee. Special thanks to him for this story that lies on a thin line of subject. It would have gone wrong if the actors weren’t good. Ranbir Kapoor is the only actor who could take this challenge of being deaf and mute who could not talk and sing across the film. His creative instinct works everytime he chooses an extremely diverse characters like Harpreet Singh in Rocket Singh – The Salesman Of The Year, Siddharth in Wake Up S!d, Jordan in Rockstar. All these are unconventional characters. But, Ranbir lived it in real on screen and made it real. Priyanka Chopra has already a baggage of humungous experience in working with a director like Vishal Bhardwaj. Vishal repeated her in his 7 Khoon Maaf and stated that PC is one of the talented actors that we have. The statement weighs a lot when it comes from a writer & director who have worked with people like Om Puri, Naseeruddin Shah, Pankaj Kapoor, Tabu, Shabana Azmi, Irfan Khan & Ajay Devgan. Autism is a thin line that falls just an inch besides mentally retarded. Priyanka Chopra deserves a standing ovation for her intricate portrayal of this role. Ileana D’cruz, who is an extremely popular actress in south had her dream debut in Hindi. She is the girl who brings in a tiny shade of melancholy followed by her love towards Barfi. She is a real delight to watch it. Actresses from south sometimes end up decorating the films. They have no substance many of the times. But, Ileana charms up the entire film.
Hats off to an incredible tale of love that India never experienced after Gulzar’s Koshish. Poetic, enigmatic, melancholic, cinematic and with so many other adjectives I would say that after watching Barfi I am blessed to have seen a film that ignited the deeper emotions that probably would have died eventually. Barfi! is my film, your film and your heart’s film.

Bangalore is so inspiring.

Coming to this great city with all your belongings is an enriching thing. She invites you to fall in love with her sheer energy, classic roads and now-a-days brand new malls everywhere. From my childhood, Bangalore has been a fantasy. She is much more than a city, I wouldn’t be wrong if I call her heaven. Anyone who comes from Bangalore would become a hero in school for many days. I remember becoming an unsung hero in my class, as I was a frequent visitor Bangalore. My grandmother was here. The most interesting fact is, this magical city slips from your hand everyday you try to grasp it. It changes everyday. Yet, there are many constant things about this city. Still there are number of people who would love to catch up a bite of ‘dosa’ at Vidyarthi Bhavan, which is feeding Bangalore from 1943. In the age of multiplexes, there are people who would love to watch cinemas in Tribhuvan, Kapali, Sapna, Santhosh, Navrang and many other iconic cinema houses where kannadigas loved, cheered and followed their heroes. The roadside stalls of vegetables, fruits and flowers in the main road of Gandhi Bazaar (demolished recently by BBMP) are still a devoted place for Bangaloreans. I usually come across some people who often accuse this city of heavy traffic, pollution and inconvenience caused by the metro work. But Bangalore is not a weak city to lose its essence just because of some traffic and pollution. It is still a worthwhile place to live. You should be able to grab the energy, force and dreams she gives all the time. Every time you get out of your home you want this city to appreciate you, there will be some hick ups in the city too. You may miss a bus, you may suffer a terrific traffic jam. Still give it a shot by patiently coming out of it.

If you have good memories of Bangalore, you’ll enjoy the city. I remember the light of Hotel Pushpamala in Majestic every time I entered Bangalore. For me, it was the gateway of the city also the posters of film stars would boost me up. I also remember my father showing me the grand house of Rajkumar in Sadashivnagar; He also showed me the iconic Navrang theatre way back in 1996-97. Even now, in 2012, I feel the same fragrance of Bangalore which attracts me towards it. Bangalore will always be the power house of Karnataka, forget the traffic and forget the inconvenience. She’ll have a worthy place in my heart forever. Be it the dirty politics, classic festivals or good-natured people, Bangalore will remain lovely. For all of you who think Bangalore is a bad place, this iconic city has given many chances to many people, in return let’s give a chance to her. Let’s forgive her for a small inconvenience from last 6-7 years. Let’s uphold the feeling of proud, let her develop fully and again she’ll be as magnificent as ever. Love you my dear! Forgive!

Path Of Fire – Revisited!

Posted: February 10, 2012 in Cinema

Vriksh ho bhale khade,
Ho ghane, ho bade,
Ek patra chaa bhi,
Mang maat, mang maat, mang maat
Agnipath, Agnipath, Agnipath

Hritik, Priyanka, Rishi Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt

Tu na thakega kabhi,
Tu na thamega kabhi,
Tu na mudega kabhi,
Kar shapath, kar shapath, kar shapath
Agnipath, Agnipath, Agnipath



Agneepath is a cult movie in Indian cinema. It was Mukul S Anand, Yash Johar, Khader Khan & Santosh Saroj along with Amitabh Bachchan, who took Agneepath to the heights where it is now. The film fetched a National Award for Amitabh Bachchan for his terrific portrayal of Vijay Deenanath Chauhan, also Filmfare awards for Mithun Chakraborty and Rohini Hattangadi for their roles Krishnan Iyer M A and Suhasini Chauhan respectively. Though Agneepath failed at the box office it got all the critical reception, awards, accolades and recognition it deserved. So, making Agneepath again after 21 years was quite a hefty risk. But, the risk paid off. Agneepath lived up to the magnum opus expectations and hype associated with it. First of all, it takes great courage to choose a film to remake which is a class apart. Karan Malhotra does justice to the original film. He hasn’t spoiled it anywhere. More than a remake, it’s a tribute to the original script. Ila Dutta Bedi and Karan Malhotra seem to have been inspired by the soul of the protagonist rather than the whole film. Though the all new Agneepath doesn’t have Krishnan Iyer M. A in it, which is an award winning character, it continues the legacy of the one and only Vijay Deenanath Chauhan!

The film opens in the village Mandva, The story revolves around the masterly crafted character-Vijay. Deenanath Chauhan, father of Vijay is accused of raping a 12 year old girl wrongly and is killed by Kancha Cheena. After his father’s murder, young Vijay along with his mother who is carrying, come to Mumbai. Vijay’s mother delivers a baby with the help of a woman, whose daughter Kaali becomes Vijay’s friend. They become closer as they grow up. Haunted by his father’s murder, Vijay meets Rauf Lala who runs a drug chain; slowly he becomes Rauf Lala’s close aide to reach Kancha Cheena and to take revenge. This is what Agneepath is all about. Vijay’s journey to Mandva is “AGNEEPATH”.

The story is excellently written without spoiling the soul of the original. Karan Malhotra and Ila Dutta score a high point here. The events are so neatly tied up. Casting of the film is top notch. As Vijay Deenanath Chauhan, Hritik looks so poignant, controlled and extremely intense. His eyes are just a treat to watch. There’s no substitute for his conviction. Hritik is getting it better and bigger film by film. In Guzaarish as Ethan, he enthralled everyone. ZNMD was so enriching and full of life. Now, the intensity in Agneepath. Probably there might be one or two dialogues for him in every five minutes. But, Hritik plays is with so ease and his mesmerizing silence. Priyanka Chopra is as stunning as always. As Kaali, she’ll force you to fall in love with her as she always does. She feels the character at every point of time. She has done a various kind of roles. She has experimented a lot with herself.  She can convince you as a top class rich women Susanna in 7 Khoon Maaf, a pretty and immature girl friend as Sweety in Kaminey, a simple and disappointed girl in her love life as Kiara in Anjaana Anjaani. He is having the best time. There are two other things in Agneepath, one surprising and other one shocking. The surprise element is Sanjay Dutt! He looks very evil as Kaancha. His body scares you. Sanjay Dutt is a major discovery in this film and the shocking element is Rishi Kapoor. This legendary astor is in top form working with most of the young directors like Imtiaz Ali, Nikhil Adwani, Habib Faizal and now Karan Malhotra. He looks like a perfect villain as Rauf Lala. He plays it with so much sense and carries it in his ever great caliber. Though Rauf Lala is a new addition to the script which is not in the original, it looks like script needed this charater badly. Om Puri as Commissioner Gaitonde is clever. Om Puri was last seen like this was in Dev with Amitabh Bachchan. Om Puri looks so good when he shows concern towards Vijay. He is like a closest friend of him knowing all the facts about Vijay. Yet, he criticizes Vijay. He depresses him. Om Puri is as cool as cucumber when he shows love to Vijay and very opposite in other scenes with other actors. The major advantage of the film is Ravi K Chandran. Ravi K Chandran is a technician who can turn a pale blue wall to a heaven. His shots are so beautiful. The shot where Kaancha and Rauf Lala meet in Rauf’s office is so excellent, establishing the throne like chair of Rauf Lala. Hritik’s eyes are like fire. It glows, it burns and talks. Ravi has captured it with so intricate details. Agneepath’s other striking point is the music. Ajay-Atul, the Marathi duo creates another strong character in the film though their soundtrack. Though, Chikni Chameli tops the commercial charts, the song which leaves an indelible impression is “O Sayyan…” sung by Roop Kumar Rathode. Sunidhi revisits her good old days with Gun Gun Gunaare, complimenting the song Priyanka seems so boneless while she does all the steps during the song. She is a real treat to watch. Shreya Ghoshal got it right this time singing a song which is not of genre generally. In Chikni Chameli, she proved that she can sing items too. Katrina looks quite okay in the song. The song point of Chikni Chameli is not appropriate and the song itself is out of the film’s box. However, Katrina vanishes it all in just 5 minutes!!

On the whole, go for Agneepath. It is a treat to watch the major high quality artists share screen at the same time. Fantastic technicians and above all the master minded director Karan Malhotra. He has done his job. It is you job to watch it now.

Yeh maahan drishya hai,

Chal raha manushya hai,

Ashru, shwet, rakth se,

Lathpat, lathpat, lathpat

Agnipath, Agnipath, Agnipath

I felt a nerve beating under my deep throat. For me, it’s a beginning of an invincible experience. Somewhere or somehow, I wanted to experiment on an unplanned tour. A road trip which has no destination, a road which leads to your own soul. A different round of people. New colors of life. A new horizon. Somewhere I’ve read that ‘’life is so beautiful in spite of its missing lines and missing paragraphs”. Can’t we read those missing paragraphs? Can’t we read those missing lines? My search is not so great, rather it’s quite divine. Am just on a road trip. Am just travelling in search of my missing paragraphs. So where should I go? Discovery is a great thing to do if and only if when you are aware of what are you discovering. So, literally I had no idea of what I should search. Even though I did not know about the destination, I was feeling so guided rather misguided. We moved out of Mysore and touched Chamarajanagar on the first evening. There we thought of going to Bandipur, Mudumalai, Masinagudi and surrounding places. I usually observe that whenever people plan a tour it will not be so exciting. The next morning we reached Bandipur. We still had no idea where to stay. All the inspection bungalows were filled, not so bothered Vinay and Somashekhar started taking pictures. On the other side I was capturing the beauty of Bandipur. Apart from all these things we felt a fantastic rapport with nature. We were just sitting and watching all the trees, monkeys, people and other things around. None of us was talking. To have a dialogue with nature, who thought stony silence would be the only language. Nature can not understand the language of human beings which changes at every 300 kms. We speak lots of languages, but there’s only one language of nature.  We couldn’t match up to the beauty of nature’s silence; probably that is why we are ensuring deforestation everyday. Keeping our entire luggage in the Bandipur canteen we all three of us started to the destination – Mudumalai which is just 8 kms away from Bandipur. Geographically Mudumalai is in Tamil Nadu. But borders are just a great example for human being’s foolishness, because we did not find any such separations in our journey. No border could stop the memories which we took home from Tamil Nadu. Borders were created for all the other reasons, but for memories there can not be any borders. To be in forest is like a meditation, be it Bandipur, Mudumalai or any other forest for that matter. Jungle safari is an interesting thing. We had a great time during safari. Languor, deer, elephant, peacock, bison and above all we saw a leopard resting on a rock. Oh my god!! It was a real treat to watch it. People generally refer wild to cruelty, dangerous and many other false things. But after sighting the leopard we were awestruck with its majesty and dignity. They say that animal sighting is pure luck and luck favors the brave and intelligent. Now that’s makes me, Vinay & Somashekhar became brave and intelligent without any obstacle  Mudumalai, which is Tamil Nadu gave an astonishing memory to rejoice our whole life. No border could stop us bringing this home. As we came back to Bandipur, our good friend Ambarish had managed to book an IB for us. Finally we got a place to spend the night. I had carried a tape recorder along with cult songs of Hemanth Kumar to make the night more beautiful and to be nostalgic somewhere down the line when we listen to those songs once again.

Jaane woh kaise log they…

Jinke pyaar ko pyaar mila…

Stony silence, classic retro music, wonderful dinner and any time chirping birds.Isn’t this what we are really missing out somewhere? Contrast to this, in our city life silence is mistaken as arrogance. Chirping bird remains a mystery our time changing the profile pics on FB, liking someone’s status, downloading some films on torrent… It goes on.

We have to rethink on what we think daily. What we do daily. What we talk daily. Once a line is missed, it is missed forever. At least, let’s reframe a new line, a new paragraph at least once in a while.